3101c-jan10-68When it’s cold outside, the last thing I want to do is workout. One thing that motives me in what my friend Billie used to always say, “Beach bodies are made in the winter”. When that’s not enough, I make a fantastic workout mix and pick up some new workout clothes! New workout clothes always get me more excited to get moving. I’ve been digging Colosseum workout clothes lately, because they add sexy details like these mesh panels that make this top easy to transition to a quick dinner with friends.

I do the workout below 3 times a week along with yoga, tennis, and pure barre:

1.1000 step on the stairmaster

2. 2 sets of 30 curls w/25 lb bar

3. 2 set 20 press-ups w/25 lb bar

4. 100 left side crunches

5. 100 right side crunches

6. 200 bicycle crunches

7. 3 sets of 30 back lunges (rotating legs)

8. 300 regular crunches

9. 40 bridges

10. 200 suitcase crunches

11. 100 sitting-v twists

12. Stretch.

I’ve found that between maintaining a workout routine, eating clean, and getting 8 hours of sleep a night really helps my strength, energy, and overall quality of life.

 b4b20-blush14a5e7-jan10-79d3deb-blush387294-jan10-7787984-blush22259d-jan10-66{Jacket: Colosseum, Leggings: Colosseum, Shoes: Nike, Jewelry: Cartier, Shimmer Shells, Nails: Essie After School Boy Blazer}

Images by Beckley and Co.

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