How to: Fake Confidence

 People (especially women) always say, “be confident”, “confidence is key”, “confidence is sexy”… and so on. If confidence is in fact key, why is it something that so many of us struggle with?

I do think confidence is sexy, and I’ve come up with a couple ideas to “fake it ’til you make it”.

1. By holding your head up and looking people in the eyes, you will be faking confidence. Nothing says, “I’m self-conscious” like someone looking at their shoes, or shifting their eyes around when talking to someone.

2. Smile. Smiling at everyone is not only a way to portray confidence, but it’s also a way to put out positive vibes and happiness into the world. Smile at strangers, you’d be surprised how much happiness you will become.

3. Stop apologizing. You have nothing to apologize for. Apologizing for the way you look, or various things that are not offenses towards another person, make you look like you’re not confident in yourself. Own whatever you’re wearing, however you look like, ect.

4. Relax and be quick to laugh at yourself (but not at others!). When you are able to laugh at yourself, others will perceive this as confidence. This is not saying to be self-deprecating, that is the opposite of confident, that’s just sad.

5. Dress in a way that indicates you have self worth. When you dress well you feel great, and you have the confidence to conquer a room. Other people will treat you better, open doors for you, compliment your clothing choice, and in general act with more respect when it comes to dealing with you.

6. Use good manners (like saying please and thank you) as this is actually a mark of self respect. Being polite isn’t only a sign of good upbringing, but it’s a sign of self-respect, which is directly linked to confidence. In addition, people will usually follow your lead when it comes to good manners, and that makes the world a better, nicer place to live in.


7. Expect other people to believe in you, and to see and appreciate your good qualities. When you expect others to treat you like the confident person you are and to believe in you, it will be a lot easier to continue to believe in yourself and portray the confident person you are becoming. You have great qualities and you may need to remind yourself of that from time to time, but eventually…

8. Before you know it, its no longer fake.

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