Nina says, No inner peace was ever achieved in a baggy sweatshirt and old sweatpants. Workout clothes should fit you just as well as your street clothes. If your gym clothes are old, stretched, or faded, replace them! You deserve to look good in those gym mirrors–after all, you did make it to the gym (a victory in and of itself), so you’d better have some nice clothes to stretch and sweat in since you’re there. Just promise not to wear them on the airplane. (It’s often assumed that nice yoga clothes or even a nice sweatsuit can be worn on a plane. That is a total mistake) (Garcia, 2008).

While I completely agree that yoga gear should not be worn on the airplane, I do think that wearing them to run errands is an easy way of conveying that you are fit and you look great while you do it. I’ve been really into yoga gear this summer, because it seems to me that designers are really spending their time and money on revamping yoga clothes and making them some of the cutest items in their collections. Stores like Lulu Lemon and Lucy are dedicated to making women look fantastic while they workout, whilst keeping in mind that women need to look presentable after working out when they are picking up the kids or heading out for a bite to eat. It also doesn’t hurt that men think yoga pants are “God’s gift to Earth” (as told to me by Jordan Rath from Rath’s Reviews). So ladies, let’s put on our yoga gear and hit the gym, because taking care our ourselves is always in style.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” -Jim Ryan


 {Top + Bottoms: Lucy, Mat: Corepower, Jewelry: Nordstrom, David Yurman, Little Glamour, Dogeared}

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