I am a girl who gets really into working out for about a week two days and then it rains or I get too sore and stop. It goes in spurts like this for months, making goal training impossible and that “shelf booty” everyone is trying to achieve with one million squats- not in the cards. That is until I was introduced to CYSM a shapeware company that take your God-given body and just lifts it a little bit in all the right places. These jeans take my tiny booty from a passing nod to a “she did her squats” booty by just lifting in the hamstring area and sitting high on the waist. These jeans are so comfortable and give you a little extra swagger in your strut. Bonus-how cute are these pockets? Loving them.

I paired these jeans with a dressier grommet trimmed top with a cute bell sleeves, some chunky fabulous heels, my favorite silver cross-body purse, and an easy pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses for a fun coffee date.


PHOTOS BY: Tiffany Marie Photography


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