THE BIG 3-0.

“Anytime before the age of 25, if someone mentioned turning 30, I felt truly sorry for them.

30’s. That’s like real adulthood. Gross.

Then something started happening, maybe around 28. I started looking forward to 30. And I wasn’t the only one. My friends were throwing huge 30th birthday bashes and going on expensive vacations to celebrate. Some were jumping out of airplanes for the first time. These people weren’t quietly turning 30 in hopes that they could still claim 29 for a couple more years without too many people calling their bluff. They were celebrating 30, confidently.

And so it is with confidence and thankfulness that on July 15th I, too, will join the ranks of 30-somethings. Thankfulness, because 30 is a privilege. Really, it is. (I’ll be the first to admit it’s a miracle I’m still here after all the things I thought were a good idea in my 20’s.)

I have no qualms about leaving my 20’s behind. I enjoyed them – I did some things right, I screwed up plenty of others, and I had a lot of fun in the process, but I won’t miss them. My 20’s, much like everyone else’s, were about growth and self-discovery. Some discoveries made me proud, others, not so much. But it is with this knowledge that I hope to be in my 30’s everything I wasn’t yet prepared to be in my 20’s.” ct. Sarah Sumate


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