Growing up traveling the countryside for competitive junior tennis, Founder and Design Director, Erin Blake found the places and the people she met held such beauty. Her love for people, coupling with her love for fashion lead her to create a ready-to-wear apparel line that she used to put on charity fashion shows at her Alma-mater, University of Denver (DU). Balancing design and fashion show preparations with a full class load and social agenda was a challenge, but Erin knew that it was worth it.

After living in Denver, Kansas City, and Dallas, she was able to test her products in various markets and eventually transform her apparel collection into a full-blown lifestyle brand.

Each piece of the Erin Blake collection is inspired by travel, art, love, and freedom.They reflect a sense of passionate, stylish, wayfaring. Each of the wearers of Erin Blake has an adventurous soul; she’s spontaneous, she lives in the moment, she’s a dreamer who doesn’t just follow them, but she chases them. She’s open-minded, she’s carefree, she’s a dancer, she’s a singer, she’s a doer, but most importantly she cares about every person around her. She lifts them up, and they lift her up.    — Erin Blake

Location:    Dallas. Kansas City. Denver.

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