Golden Hour

A little bit ago, I was contacted by LendPerk, a new e-boutique, to try out their services and give my feedback. LendPerk is explained at the “Netflix for Dresses”, where you can rent dresses that you would otherwise purchase at Anthropologie, Asos, Modcloth, and other stores. I was intrigued by the proposal, and went on to look at the choices. I finally decided on this Goldleaf Cocktail Dress by Project Alabama. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything gold-so it was the obvious choice. When I received the package with the dress in it, there was another return envelope that was prepaid and ready to be mail after I was done with the dress. (Bonus-you can keep it up to a week, which means you don’t have to race to the post office and mail it back the second after you wear it). I loved the convenience factor!

The only “cons” of LendPerk were the inventory of dresses and the lack of descriptive categories. While the selection is currently pretty limited, and the categories are just “party” and “casual”-leaving much to be desired, I believe with a few more month of brand awareness outreach and popularity increase, LendPerk will find itself a steady stream of customers and a loyal client list!  


{Dress: c/o LendPerk, Tights: Hue, Jacket: George Simonton (old, similar here), Jewelry: Cartier, giftedKate Spade}

(While this post was sponsored, all opinions and feedback are entirely my own.)

Problem: Frizzy Hair

I received this question on my blog a couple months ago, and I found it hilarious because, as a girl who doesn’t blow dry my hair when I’m not going somewhere (re: hot bohemian tangled mess), I understand the struggles of the ultimate frizzy hair blowout when I do. I frequent Parlor KC a lot because they always seem to be able to tame my mane into something presentable, but when I just don’t have the time, I use one of three products that seemed to have taken the frustration out of the frizz.

The question:

Q: When I blow-dry my hair it ends up looking frizzy. What is a tip or product you use to avoid this? You hair always looks so good in photos. I use a normal hair dryer and a light serum that I use when my hair is damp.

The Answer:

A: The best blow-dry in my opinion involves little or no blow dryer. First go in with a frizz-defending serum like John Frieda Frizz-Ease. Then let you hair air-dry almost all the way. (If you’re in a hurry (who isn’t these days?, use a blow dryer, but don’t worry so much about styling. Just get it almost-dry.) Then use either a flat iron, a large-barrel curling iron or both. The iron (or irons) will give you the blow-dry polish you’re looking for without the extra frizz, not to mention all the elbow grease a good blow-dry takes.

My cheat sheet:

Screen shot 2016-11-19 at 2.57.12 PM.png

Baby’s Got It

So in the interest of being completely transparent, I use baby products…a lot. Some of my favorite beauty products are meant for babies.

1. California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash: I use this as a body wash–It smells fantastic, it cleans while locking in moisturizer (because baby’s skin loses moisture twice as fast as adults), and it’s an all-natural product that kills germs with tea tree and lemon oils–free of allergens like nut oils and gluten.

2. Burt’s Baby Shampoo and Body Wash: I use this to clean my hair–I like the smell quite a bit, but what is really great about this all-natural baby shampoo is that is repairs my color-treated hair. My colorist tells me all the time that my hair looks so healthy and asks me what I’m using.

3. Burt’s Baby Diaper Ointment: What do I not use this on? It works great on razor burn, ingrown hairs, pimples (leave it on overnight), gets rid of puffiness under my eyes when I don’t get the adequate amount of sleep (see number 7), works on wrinkles, chapped lips, you can use it to prevent clammy hands or underarm sweating–and seriously, you can put this on small holes or gashes in your wall (just like Spackle) and then paint over it. So many uses. I’m probably going to pass samples of this out for Halloween this year!

Screen shot 2016-11-08 at 12.16.02 PM.png

4. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo: I use this to clean the pores in my eyelids and to clean my eye makeup off. It keeps the guck out of my eyelid pores, is tear free so it doesn’t sting, and gently removes my eye makeup in a flash.

5. Johnson’s Baby Lotion: The pink bottle. I just love it. I typically slather this all over my skin before drying off the little beads of water after a shower. I kind of just mix the two together for added moisture and my skin has never felt softer.

6. California Baby Lotion: When I want a light fragrance, typically early in the morning for a nice pick-me-up, I reach for this wonderful, all-natural baby lotion to moisturize my skin. It’s not sticky and leaves your skin feeling wonderful.

7. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion: I love to use this at night. I have sort of a nocturnal problem. Between a lot of ideas bouncing around in my brain, and a ton of shows on Netflix to watch–I’m always awake unless I spray a nighttime blend on my pillow and use this Baby Bedtime Lotion. Plus the scent, I can’t get enough of it!

Summer Lip Balm

If ever a lip balm should be dubbed the summer balm, it is any of these lip butters from Korres. The smell of these in intoxicating, and (especially the guava and the mango) have the summeriest scent I can think of. One swipe and my mood is enhanced tenfold.

So when you’re laying on your porch, ignoring all others who are huddling around the air conditioning inside, you will revel in the heat with your tinted (or tintless in the case of the guava), SPF-less (it’s more for the shade or your porch, not sun or layer it with an SPF-lip butter, spf, lip butter), most amazing-feeling lip balm ever!

Hopefully there’s a Sephora close by, because you will go through this stuff like water!