This weekend we went to the wall by Fortuity in Kansas City, Missouri to shoot our awesome heart KC shirts from Charlie Hustle. Charlie Hustle has partnered up with American Heart Association during the month of February which is heart month. The American Heart Association is the nation's oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to [...]


Each week we have been drinking Bud Light from these awesome team cans with the Chiefs logo on them, but when we played the Tennessee Titans, we ran out of Bud Light team cans, and we lost. Last week, we beat the Denver Broncos for the second time, and guess what we were drinking? Bud [...]

Simple Elegance

If you haven't heard of Daniel Wellington watches, you should check them out here. They are simple and elegant, and I wear mine with almost every outfit I own. Daniel Wellington just came out with the new Black and Black series, with a watch/cuff set in either rose gold or silver. I picked the rose [...]