Lazy Mornings

Lazy Mornings

There’s nothing I like better then a lazy morning. I love waking up slowly, making breakfast (cinnamon rolls, bacon, and eggs-yes, please), having wonderful conversations with someone that makes me laugh, playing a little Uno, drinking a little La Croix, and eating my favorite Live, Love, Pop popcorn. I spy a guy that makes me laugh and loves lazy mornings just as much as I do. = )

Now, BedHead Pajamas loves to make us as comfortable (and cute) as possible while having our ideal lazy morning. (Insert matching crossword puzzle pajamas). Another thing we love to do: crossword puzzles! (Go figure). When it comes to Pajamas, BedHead does it so well.

(PS-they have really cute men’s pajamas & robes too – in case y’all want to match).


On Both // PAJAMAS

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Happy Socks (Part 2)

Happy Socks (Part 2)


I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!





Currently Coveting: Sunbasket

When I was presented with the idea of trying Sunbasket, I jumped at the chance to do so. Sunbasket is a new, healthy meal, at-home delivery service that provides sustainably sourced organic ingredients with delicious, easy-to-use recipes for cooking at home.

When the Sunbasket kit arrived, I was so impressed with the presentation! It came in a 100% recyclable insulated container to keep everything fresh with gel ice packs that were biodegradable. All of the dry ingredients (including the fresh produce) were in individually wrap bags that were labeled with the corresponding recipe. Underneath the ice packs is where they packed the meat (chicken and beef) to complete my recipes. I chose one vegetarian meal and one gluten-free meal, but when you choose your meals each week, you can pick a meal without dietary restrictions, a meal that complies with the paleo diet, a meal that is gluten-free, a vegetarian meal, and they even have breakfast options!

This is the table getting ready to be served:


{plates c/o Horchow}

Below I will show you the meals that I made:

First I picked the Greek Chicken Soup with Orzo, Grape Leaves, and Lemon.

I was provided with 2 servings but it fed 3 people easily. You can also order for 4 people as well. The meal had 600 calories per serving and it took about 30 minutes to make. This recipes is soy-free, dairy-free, and low calorie.


This was the simmering phase of making the soup. It smelled soooo good!

FullSizeRender 23.jpgFullSizeRender 25.jpg

This is what it looked like plated, and it was absolutely delicious! It had a very light taste from the lemon broth, but the orzo and chicken made it a heartier soup that left you satisfied, not stuffed.

The next recipe I tried was Steaks with Chimuchurri and Harissa-Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Again I was provided with 2 servings, but we were able to feed 3 people just fine. This meal had 620 calories per serving and took about 30 minutes to cook with a little help from my dad! (Thanks dad!) This recipe is paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free.


I cooked the steaks in olive oil. The steak and the chicken tasted great and very fresh.


Here was the chard stemmed to make the side salad/side dish for the steaks. It cooked down significantly and it was truly out of this world!


One of my favorite parts of cooking this recipe was roasting the sweet potatoes. (This is where you use the harissa powder) and man! these puppies were tasty.

FullSizeRender 15.jpg

Here is the meal plated. The steaks are topped with the chimichurri, which was by far the hardest part of the dish to make. This meal was so tasty: the steak was great, the chard surprised me with how delicious it was, and as I said before, the sweet potatoes made this a huge hit!

The last recipe I tried was the Black Bean and Quinoa Chili with Lime, Yogurt, and Pumpkin Seeds. (Did I mention these people are from San Fran and they know how to cook?) I received 2 servings that fed 3 again perfectly; it contained 570 calories and took 35 minutes to make. This recipes is gluten-free, soy-free, and vegetarian.

FullSizeRender 24.jpg

I started by chopping all of the produce I needed for the recipe: limes, bell peppers, carrots, celery, fresh cilantro, and onions. (All of this is provided–you don’t have to go buy anything for these recipes!)


This was the big pot we boiled everything in after we put the black beans, the rainbow quinoa, and the chili spice blend together with the vegetables.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

To plate you just put a dollop of yogurt, sprinkle pumpkin seeds over the top, and serve with a lime wedge or two.

This soup was very hearty, and fantastic. It was perfect for the cool evening we were experiencing and extremely filling.

When it comes to most at-home delivery service I typically try them once and move on. With Sunbasket, I will be a repeat customer because these meals were delicious and SO easy!

Post sponsored by Sunbasket. All opinions and pictures are my own.

Room of Wanderlust

When designing a room in my house for a new season, I try to think of what I’ve done in the past, what I’m currently drawn to, and what I have already accumulated. Upon trying to decorate my living room for the upcoming fall, I realized I was starting with two blue velvety chairs, a couple of Missoni Home pillows, a white sectional, a cowhide rug, a pink oriental rug, various candles, and a couple of miscellaneous photos. The compilation of all of these leads me to quite the eclectic hodgepodge. I decided since I’ve traveled quite a bit, I would go for a wanderlust Bohemian vibe.

I decided to make a gallery wall with the pineapple and toucan artwork from Lila + Lola on Etsy, the bird decals from Target, and the American flag from Pottery Barn. Then I had a family photo framed by Framebridge, and a butterfly watercolor from Etsy as well. I decided to try the cowhide rug over the Oriental rug for a layered feel and put some of the candles on a tray to top off the coffee table from Pottery Barn.

After that it was time to dress the couch. I pulled out my two Missoni Home pillows as a starting point, and from there I resorted to One Kings Lane, Kilm, and Target.

The one happy surprised I had was when I stumbled upon Simons a Canadian store that had really cute clothing and home decor. I found both the cactus pillow and the anchor lumbar pillow on the site and I finally had finished off my wanderlust living room.