Let’s talk about weeknight wines for a minute. Weeknight wines must be three things:

  1. Undemanding – just delicious and refreshing
  2. Inexpensive – under $20
  3. Relaxing – not antagonistic to your palette

Now put these in the context of spring/summer, and I have compiled a list of 6 “summer wines” that I think you will find delightfully undemanding, forgivably inexpensive, and extremely relaxing.

2009 Bogle Vineyards Chardonnay

The bold and oaky character of this fresh, creamy Chardonnay displays balance and finesse that pairs as superbly with simple vegetable shish-kebabs as it does with fiery chicken wings. $9




2013 Hogwash Rosé

It has crisp acidity and lively flavors of red berries, citrus, melon, and wet stone. Fire up the barbecue, because this rosé will be an excellent foil for spicy ribs, juicy burgers, and crunchy coleslaw. $16


Ruffino Prosecco

Packed with juicy melon and pear flavors topped with an aromatic kick, it’s a splendid sparkler for brunch buffets laden with fruit salads and ham and cheese omelets. $15



2012 Light Horse Pinot Noir

With aromas of floral and spice along with flavors of red berries and a silky texture, this is a wine you’ll want to drink any day with just about any dish. $14


2012 Layer Cake Malbec

This wine tastes of blueberry pie, black cherries, and brown spices with notes of coffee and chocolate. It’s a perfect companion to rich, spicy BBQ sauced-meats, empanadas, wood-fired pizzas, or grilled pepper- and onion-smothered flank steak.


2012 ONEHOPE Sauvignon Blanc

A wine by Robert Mondavi, Jr., every bottle of this crisp, pink grapefruit and grassy-noted sauvignon blanc results in a new tree being planted by American Forests. Serve with salmon, oysters, and summery berry desserts.